Was ist grün und stinkt nach Fisch….

This week we are in Bremen, “we” being my son Robbert (who does an internship @ Willert) and me. The title is German and means:

“What is green and smells fishy”. This is what German soccer fans sing when they play against the local soccer team “Werder Bremen”. Because Bremen is near the sea and you can eat fish here. (Which tastes excellent by the way…) Later some pictures, now some Rhapsody!

Rhapsody First-Aid:

Sometimes Rhapsody is not working as it should. Many “problems” can be solved by installing Rhapsody in the right way and by using it the right way.

Here are some quick solutions that might help improving your Rhapsody Experience:

  • Use the 32-bit version of Rhapsody.
  • OK, Rhapsody brings its own Java JDK but please see that you have a 32-bit version of Java installed.
  • When possible, install “as Administrator”. Just install as admin, do not login as admin!!
  • Do not use “Install for all users” when installing. Please….
  • Do only use “Install all files in one directory” when you install outside “c:\Program Files”, otherwise: don’t!
  • Rhapsody installs in 2 directories: Programs (default: “c:\Program Files”) and Data (default: “c:\users\<you>”)
  • Always install the developer. You can later start the correct version by editing the “rhapsody.ini” file or via the command-line.
  • Edit rhapsody.ini to start the version/language you need. DefaultEdition = Developer/Architect/Designer …, DefaultLanguage = C/C++/Java
  • Install only the languages you _really_ need.
  • If you have multiple versions of Rhapsody installed: only the last one is the default!
  • Before trying to fix stuff: remember that a re-install does not take long.

After installing:

  • When starting Rhapsody for the first time: do it “as Administrator”.
  • Rhapsody heavily relies on the rhapsody.ini in the Data directory (Share) check of there are no duplicates (e.g in the c:\windows directory)
  • Using Rhapsody as Eclipse starts the Version/Language as set in rhapsody.ini
  • Rhapsody is sensitive for having a “Bad Windows”. Many crashes are an indication for a DLL Problem.
  • In 8.2 there is a known Problem when “Active Code View” is on and a diagram is opened.

We hope that this helps you when installing and using Rhapsody!


Walter van der Heiden (wvdheiden@willert.de)

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