Virtual Open Space

What is that????


Open Space is a way to organize meetings and congresses invented by Harrison Owen.

Basically it is a meeting where there you define time/space slots and where all attendees can bring in topics. These topics are connected to a certain room and time, this is done on a board where everybody can see the topics and can apply to join the meeting on that topic.

The organizer will be in the designated room and time to start  the meeting, he.she will also tae care that minutes are being made so that others that could not be present ( e.g. because there was another interesting topic in another room) can still read what was discussed afterwards. There is some more to it, when you want to read more:

Open Space on Wikipedia

We always use that for our own events and it is a very succesful way to communicate with clients. The disadvantage, however, is that physical presence is required.

In the current time where we care about energy and environment, this is not what we want. So we invented “Virtual Open Space”, where we do an Open Space Meeting using modern technology.

We use doodle to find out what the topic is that people want to talk about, we then use WebEx to create a “virtual” room on the internet where people can speak with each other and, when necessary, share their screens with others.

Check out: Willert Open Space.

This weeks topic: UML debugging!

Happy Modeling with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden (


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