USA II – The Falls.

And…. back…

Well not completely. Just sitting at the Delta Terminal in Detroit and waiting for the flight back to Schiphol Airport.
It has been a busy week with many customer visits, conf-calls and our Engineering@Scale event at the GM Heritage center.
Thanks for everyone that was there, it was cool. I think I have sent my presentation to everybody, if not… it is here: Pres – UML Modeling vs Coding E@S TD Detroit
The Willert Software Tools Movie that explains the use of tools in an Automotive field is here: Seamless Model-Based Development Process for Embedded Software Engineering


I had a cool demo with me, we (or actually Clemens….) managed to bring a first prototype of the RXF ArcCore RTE Connection. Still some “WorkToDo” but we have already a good working example where we can base the rest on. We are working in parallel on reading ARXML and extracting the relevant UML elements like ports, interfaces, variables, defines, types, runnable names, software components, so we can automate the process of using UML for the embedded automotive engineers. We are working to implement at least 2 use cases for the use of Rhapsody in Automotive environments:

UseCase 1 – Architecture

If you want to do your architectural work with Rhapsody, we want to offer a way to export stereotyped UML/SysML elements to an ARXML file. We’re currently not completely sure what we want to export, if you have ideas: SEND THEM!!

UseCase 2 – Behavior

You already have an architecture, you have defined SWC’s (or Runnables) and you want to implement (some of) them in Rhapsody. This is the UseCase that we are pursuing first (Because it is easier, we more or less know what to do, we have done it already for an older version of Rhapsody and an older version of AUTOSAR)

Niagara Falls

So. A brief overview of what we are working on. In 3 weeks I am back in the USA for more visits, AUTOSAR Conference and the IBM ICE Meeting.
This weekend we did a “round Lake Erie”. That takes you through Canada, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Cleveland and back to Detroit. That was pretty cool, here are some pictures.

That’s it! Happy modeling with Rhapsody!
Walter van der Heiden (


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