The OMG is the keeper of (amongst others) the UML and SysML standard. Today they have released the UML 2.5.1, a relatively small release. As far as I know there are no immediate plans for a UML 2.6 nor a UML 3.0.

The changes are not shocking and you will probably not even notice it. But I wanted to give you a small look into the factory of the standard.

You can read about this on the website of the OMG ( http://www.omg.org ) but also on the special UML website: ( http://www.uml.org )

In spite of what most people think: the standard is much more readable than you would expect. Not all of it, there ar “boring” parts in there but it is readable and it can answer your questions on how to apply the UML to your development.

Interesting Articles

This is an article telling about the UML. Where does it come from, what does it do, how should you use it.  http://www.uml.org/what-is-uml.htm

The past, present and future of visual modeling: http://www.uml.org/Visual_Modeling.pdf

The UML Specification: http://www.omg.org/spec/UML

Happy Modeling with UML (and SysML!) in Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden ( wvdheiden@willert.de )

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