Florida 4 – Kennedy Space Center

Youth dreams

One of the things I had planned a long time was the visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The chapter is called youth dreams and that is exactly what this was.
As a small kid I was completely mad about everything that had to do with space. I followed everything I could see on television about rockets and so on. I was listening to the radio when Appolo 8 was flying around the moon christmas 1968, shiovering when the communicatipn was restored.
And on june 21, 1969 (actually june 22 already in Europe) my parents woke me up in the middle of the night to watch the moon landing “live”
I watched every rocket launch there was on television, sitting behind the couch, not making a single sound so that my parents would not hear me. I later understood that my parents choosed to pretend not to notice me to give me the chance to watch and not loose their credibilkity…
But in that days I never expected to ever be closer to one of those places like Cape Kennedy or some NASA center.
But times change, the small kid idolate of rockets grew up to be the traveling modeler and travels the world. And now I had time to visit the Space Center, together with my son Robert.

Just Awesome

To give it away up-front: If you ever can: go there. It is not cheap but worth every penny. They have all the cool stuff, moonlander, Apollo, Saturn V rocket, a piece of the moon you can touch (How cool is that?) and many many more. Telling you everything would spoil half the fun. Don’t forget to take the trip to the actual launch center!

Back to reality…

Rhapsody…. It is used a lot for aerospace/avionics The tool fits very nicely with the requirements in that world. They are totally different than the automotive. Short difference: Automotive builds millions of devices for thousands of Euro’s, Avionics build thousands of devices for millions of euro’s. That is a difference. Plus that in avionics the complete top 10 of important items is safety. Not that Automotive doesn’t do safety but they do it different.

OK. Thanks! Happy Modeling with Rhapsody. Remember: the Sky is the limit!

Walter van der Heiden (wvdheiden@willert.de)

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