V7 – Released

License to thrill

The number 7 is a famous number, not in the least by James Bond who was, of course, “007”. He had a “License to Kill”. Our V7 has a “License to Thrill”.
That is what we hope it will do to you! OK, It took a us while, admitted, but the first release of our V7 RXF for ‘C++’ is now on our Willert Download Portal.
We have worked hard for it, had many Beta Releases and lots of changes to make the best RXF yet. A big thanks to everybody who worked on it but a special “Thank You” to Johannes who has really done a lot for this release!

What is changed?

  • Completely made with Rhapsody. So the RXF is a model, with everything a model needs to be a good model, Requirements, traceability, Sequence Diagrams, explanations etc.
  • Smaller and faster. (YES! although modelled and generated, the code is smaller and faster!)
  • All adaptations integrated in one version. You select RTOS, compiler, CPU etc via tags.
  • New Deployer, this one remembers a lot more of your stuff. (Is not completely finished yet but I’ll give the new features)
    • Creates direct links to the Rhapsody code in your IDE so round-tripping just works!
    • Able to create you own template models that you can select, they are then copied
    • stores its settings in the project
  • Latest Target Debugger
    • faster, will not degrade performance when many events are processed
    • new design, improved stability and usage
    • break-point editor
    • editor for event injection
    • export to Rhapsody
  • Easier to configure Memory Management

For the time being only in ‘C++’, ‘C’ will take a while. But with a decent compiler we recommend ‘C++’ anyway. Bob Dylan already sang it a long time ago: “The times they are changing”. And that is what happens. From ‘C’ only in 32Bit on 8 and 16Bit Targets to ‘C++’ on 64Bit on 16- and 32Bit Targets.

That was it for now. It’s hot here… almost too hot to work. Luckily we are getting used to it.

Have fun with Rhapsody!

3 thoughts on “V7 – Released

  1. Great News. I especially like the fact that you “eat your own dog food” and model your framework with Rhapsody.


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