RXF Cert


The RXF can be bought in a version that is certifiable. So that does not mean it is certified. It is certifiable. That means we have done all work that is done in a certification process, like writing down requirements, connecting them with model elements, creating tests, performing tests and caring about MISRA, coverage etc.

What is the RXF?

It is not an RTOS or an RTE or any other Operating System, also not a driver layer that will give you hardware control.
It is just the functionality that the UML offers that is not available in ‘C’ or ‘C++’. Much of that functionality is implemented by using an RTOS. the RXF is than a sort of Abstraction Layer that makes a unified RTOS API.

When you create an active Class in the UML you tell your audience that this class runs in its own thread. (Or Task or even process but that has some additional difficulties see this article.) This class then should have behaviour, described in either a state-machine or an activity diagram, as it is defined in the UML. There is no other “standard” mechanism, you have to build that yourself. (Remember, the UML is a language, nothing more)

When you use timers in your behaviour diagrams ( like tm(xxx) in a state-machine ) then you will have to use something that times. Either a hardware timer or if you use an RTOS you can use the tick time. But either way: there is no standard ‘C’ or ‘C++’ mechanism for that.

The RXF also takes care of sending and receiving asynchronous events that are used in state-charts.

Certified vs Certifiable

It is very difficult to certify a “half-product” like the RXF. You have to predict all possible uses and much of the functionality depends on the rest of the system. So at best it can be made certifiable. That means that all possible work for a certification is already done, many documents are already there. If you have never gone through a certification process, this is an excellent starting point. The use of modelling is more or less recommended by an increasing number of certification institutes ( They tend to be quite conservative and that is OK! ) so using Rhapsody and the RXF is a huge step forward for setting up your own process.

What is there in the RXF-Cert?

  • BOM, Bill Of Material
    Contains a directory of all documents and deliveries. With exact version numbers and MD5 hashes
  • Architectural Model
  • Specification
  • Requirement Traceability Table
  • User Code Specification
    A description of all the functions of the RXF that can be called by the user.
  • Installation Guide
    How to install Rhapsody and the RXF.
  • Simplifier Documentation
    For the RXF the Rhapsody Generated code is adapted using the “simplifier”. this is the documentation.
  • User manual
    The “user manual”. How to use the RXF in Rhapsody.
  • Target Adaptation Guide
    How to adapt the RXF to another target (and do the certifcation)
  • Modelling Proposal
    A guide how to model with Rhapsody (and also how not to model)
  • MISRA Conformance report
    MISRA Compliance report, how is MISRA implemented and what is done to certify that violations are handled correctly
  • Review report
    Report about conducted reviews of requirements, code and documentation. (Four-eye principle)
  • Test
    • Specification
      • System test Specification
      • Unit Test Model
      • Unit Test Specification
      • Simplifier Test Specification
      • Integration test Specification
        All specifications of all tests that must be done.
    • Results
      • Unit Test Results
        The results of the Unit tests that were done
      • System test results
      • Simplifier Test results
      • Integration and System test results
        The results of all the tests.
  • Software Safety Plan
    “Safe” use of all software. What to use and what not to use.

Vacation time

So. That is what the RXF-Cert is really doing. Literally man-years were invested in creating that. As said, it is a great start for someone who needs to certify his software, many of the pitfalls are already covered.

So. It’s August, it’s vacation time. For me, unfortunately, there is no beach or mountains,, I am moving from my old house to my new house. The latter is not finished so I have to stay in a holiday home for about 4 months. So a sort of vacation… Luckily there is internet there so I will keep writing, don’t worry!

Sunny modelling with Rhapsody and the RXF

Walter van der Heiden ( wvdheiden@willert.de )

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