I’ve been in the USA for quite some times. But Nashville was new, never been there before. So I increased my State count to 39! 11 to go.
The cheapest flight I could get was from Hannover. Via Amsterdam (which is closer to me, but don’t skip a leg, that’ll cost you….amazing in this time of saving the environment….)
So I got on the plane to AMS early for the stopover to… Toronto! I’ve been there before, twice. Nice city! There I would get on a plane to Nashville.

I was in Nashville for the Kick-off Conference of our beloved USA partner 321-Gang.

After the Kick-Off there was, luckily, some time left to visit Florida, a real must in winter time πŸ˜‰ After 3 nice warm days I was on the way back ( ;-( ;-( ;-( ) But that was less easy then I thought… Again I would fly via Toronto but the plane coming from Toronto had a delay (Cause: medical Emergency…)
The information on the duration of the delay was very fuzzy. I tried to find out an alternative way to fly home but there was no real alternative.
So I gambled on the original flight that was earlier then expected.
It was, for hours and hours, on the tipping point of “Not going to make it” and “Just in Time”. I hate that.
To cut a long story short: The fact that I had to cross customs in Canada made me miss my plane.
So I had to spend another 24 hours in Canada. With only T-Shirts. And with -13ΒΊC outside…
Luckily KLM was very, extremely good and they shifted my flight (They didn’t have to, i was on the cheap non-refundable flight) WestJet (Canada air-carrier operating for Delta) did not want to reimburse my Hotel costs.. “Use your insurance”…. Yeah I will.

Reverse and Roundtrip

In the last versions of Rhapsody we receive an increasing number of complaints about issues with Reverse and/or Roundtrip Engineering.


The issues are:

  • Reverse Engineering seems to start but does not give a result.
  • “Populate Diagram” is missing in the “Operation” menu

Rhapsody Version/License

A possibility is that your license is too old. What?? But everything works fine, except….
That is correct. Your old license also works for newer Rhapsody versions, I don’t understand that either, i’d link that to newer versions and support payments but hey, I know nothing about that….
So, exactly right. In some version of Rhapsody there was an entry added in the license file for Reverse/Roundtrip. Adding this solves the problem. You can generate a new license file in the License Key Center. (If you have a support contract with SodiusWillert (or Sodius or Willert or event somewhere else) we’ll help you.


Most of these problems are related to the 32/64-bit version of Rhapsody. Due to some historic reasons the 64-bit version of Rhapsody lacked a lot of options that the 32-bit version had.
Also because of the way Windows is built, it is not easy to almost impossible to start 32-bit apps from 64-bit apps and vice-versa.


You can install both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version of Rhapsody even from the same install version. Remember that you then also need both Service Packs if you upgrade!
Then you can start 32-bit if you want to do stuff that involves any roundtrip or reverse engineering and use the 64-bit for everything else. Models are interchangeable.

So. That’s it. Have fun modelling with Rhapsody

Walter van der Heiden (

9 thoughts on “Nashville/Florida/Toronto

    1. Hi Carsten

      Yes, I’m sure it is. The Roundtrip/Reverse Engineering is something special. It will be solved (and more…) in a newer version. Might not directly be the 9.0 but for sure in 9.1

      Kind regards


  1. Hi Walter

    What about the issue with roundtripping, that in mostly all elements of the model the format of descriptions is changed. Which means that, at least for your SCM, all classes and Packages are changed.

    Any idea whether this issue will be fixed?

    Have a nice day


    1. Hi Rolf,

      what is your use case for roundtripping?

      I really appreciated roundtripping 20 years back using Together/J. But my experiences in a project in 2002 and following converted me to an evangelist of the generator approach.

      Nevertheless I am aware of and also utilize some real handy use cases for roundtripping (e.g. getting the interfaces of a 3rd party library into the model).

      So I am just curios:
      What is your use case?



    2. Hi Rolf,
      really changed, in the meaning of content being modified or just touched, in the meaning of timestamp updated?


      1. It only changes the format of the comments, but all over the place and so for GIT most of the items seem changed, which is really annoying and I have to check manually and revert.


  2. 8.4 64Bit.
    It’ s not severe, but nasty.
    My workaround is to have part of the Model as external packages or read-only.


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