Outsmart the Installer


have you ever had that? Ready installing, looking at the result and then think @#$%^&*() i forgot something?

Mo problem, you can run the installer again! But unfortunately you’ll see that this doesn’t help you.You can select repair (Which just replaces all files you had already installed), uninstall (Yes, cool, then I can start over) or modify. The last option looks promising but it only allows you to install extra add-ons. not change your existing installation. So de-install? Not so fast, my friends…

Re-using the code has interesting side-effects..

Apparently IBM has re-used the code of the installer. So when you select “Modify” you will notice a “Back” button. Press it and you see that you go back in your installer and you actually CAN change stuff!

So. That’s it for today!

Happy re-installing Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden (wvdheiden@sodiuswillert.com)

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