Post-COVID Travel & iFix

Back on the road

Traveling has started again. I have already had a few trips, and I am now writing this from Lounge 52 on Schiphol, ready to fly to Detroit for the third time in 3 months.
Everybody must have heard the airport, road, and train horror stories by now, and I can say: a lot of them are correct.
Schiphol, my home airport, is really busy. I am privileged because I have an AirFrance/KLM Platinum Frequent-Flyer Pass. this gives you “Sky Priority” which means I can sneak in smaller queues for Check-In, Security Check and Passport Check. But lately I was with my son, who does not have that, and I had to join the full 2hr Security queue. Not funny. And apperently we were lucky, on some days the queues are longer than four hours and loads of people miss their flights.
As an “Airport Professional” I always know ways to shorten the waiting time, and I do not have to search my way, I know the way. (Which on Schiphol is a lot easier than on other airports) That helps a lot but it is annoying to do something that used to take minutes but now takes hours.
Also on the road the traffic jams are increasing and the trains are fuller (because shorter…) and sometimes even not driving due to staff shortage.
Add to that the increased change that one or more of your flights can be cancelled at random and you have the ingredients for “Travel Roulette”

Back on the release

Also delayed for quite a while were the Rhapsody releases. It was not entirely COVID that caused this but also exchanging the outsourcing crew to another country and then back to internal development (Which I definitely approve of and, although it does not make me happy, willing to accept the long delay )
But finally, now is the time for the first update in a long time.
The mechanism has changed. The new release is an iFix. IBM is changing to a more agile release schedule, there will be more often releases in the future.
Same for the extensions, we already have a 3 month release schedule. And teh extensions are available as iFixes

Naming Confusion

A while ago, IBM decided to rename all of its products. It happens more in large companies where decisions are not made by the people that deal with stuff but by the ones without a clue…
Sometimes there are new “Buzzwords du Jour” because marketing wants that.
Well, it is what it is. Just ignore it (I do)
The annoying thing is that it is challenging to find Rhapsody on FixCentral. It is known under different names:

Telelogic Rhapsody<
Rational Rhapsody7.5 – 8.4
IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody (Rational)9.0 –
IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody (IBM Engineering)9.0 –

So search for the correct names when you need an iFix.

9.0.1 iFix3

That is the name of the latest iFix. You must de-install the current 9.0.1 Rhapsody since it is a “new” install. The installer will check and will inform you about that.

Back in Europe

So the last trip was again challenging. The flight to Detroit was OK (Just 2 hours late, that’s peanuts nowadays) The next day to New Orleans was cool. I was sitting next to an older lady that had not flown for 30 years. Her last flight was a horror flight, and she went back by car.

I was busy comforting her and explaining the noises of an aircraft, and at the same time, realizing I just ignored a lot of stuff myself because I’m used to it. I never realize that I equalize the pressure when starting or landing. We arrived in New Orleans on time, and I like to think I made a difference for somebody.

The flight back was not as cool. I received a text message when I was already trying to sleep. ( KLM and Delta are on my VIP list… they can disturb me in all iPhone Focus Modes) The first flight from New Orleans (MSY) to New York (JFK) was delayed (How do they know that a day before???), which left me with a 59-minute step-over time. Not enough.
So i started calling with the KLM Platinum Hotline, they couldn’t help me, the flight was handled by Delta and I was checked-in. Then back to the Delta Website and I could reschedule my flight to take a later flight from New York. All good.
Until I was, again, disturbed by a text that promissed a further delay. (…. many curse words censored ) So I, again, rebooked. Just to find out after an hour that the flight I selected now had an 8 hour stop-over. Not Good.
So I rebooked again (At 5 am) to a flight via Detroit. Losing my Economy Premium seat and the KLM flight (Delta hates KLM Platinum passengers) And then finally I slept for like 2 hours.

That flight went, and I managed to upgrade my seat, at least to have a free seat next to me. But sleeping just wasn’t in it. Too much noise. So after a second night with just 2 hrs of sleep i was lightly tired. But at home.

I still like travel. And Zoom/WebEx/GoToMeeting/Skype//.. are fine instruments. But they do not replace the need for an occasional face-to-face(F2F) meeting. That is always worth the trouble.

So happy upgrading with Rhapsody

Walter van der Heiden ( )

One thought on “Post-COVID Travel & iFix

  1. An iFIX is an interim fix, called eFIX (emergency fix) before and PTF (program temporary fix) distributed in form of a PUT (program update tape) even before that.
    Yeah, iSOMETHING are the “Buzzwords du Jour” 😉


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