Rhapsody 9.0.2 released

Finally…. after almost 3 years there is new full release of Rhapsody. Yes, there have been iFixes, even a full release disguised as an iFix, but this is the real thing.

Where do I get it? You can download it from the IBM Website if you have the right login (P.A) or from our download portal if you are a customer with a valid support contract. If you have but you can’t login: just send us a mail on support@willert.de

What’s new?

ATG: Support of Visual Studio 2017 and Cygwin GNU g++ version 10

ATG now supports Visual Studio 2017 (in addition to Visual Studio 2012) and Cygwin GNU g++ compilers up to version 10.

ATG: Support of Cygwin compile environments with GNU g++ 64 bit

ATG now supports Cygwin compile environments also with the 64-bit version of the GNU g++ compiler (in addition to the 32-bit version).

TestConductor: Support computation of code coverage for Cygwin/MinGW GNU gcc/g++ version 10

TestConductor supports the computation of code coverage for Cygwin and MinGW GNU compile environments with gcc or g++ compilers up to version 10.

TestConductor: Support checking of invariant properties of the system under test

TestConductor can now check the invariant properties of the system under test. The checks are based on functions that can be implemented either manually or by using helpers and can be applied to one or multiple test cases. Each invariant check is performed during the whole test sequence of all applied test cases.

TestConductor: Support of test sets

TestConductor supports test sets that allow the grouping of multiple test cases in a test context. This feature allows the execution of several test cases in one sweep without the need to execute the whole test context with all owned test cases, including the generation of execution results and coverage information for a test set.

TestConductor: Improved support for Java models

TestConductor supports testing of Java models with similar functionality as C++ and C. Tests can be performed for Java code generated with or without Rhapsody animation.

XMI toolkit: Added the GraphicalProperties called LineThickness

A GraphicalProperties element called LineThickness is added to the XMI toolkit. With this element, the visual rendering of lines on the diagram now can be exported and imported.

XMI toolkit: Added the flows realizing Association

In uml2, there is an InformationFlow that realizes the Association. This InformationFlow becomes a flow in Rhapsody. The link between the flow and the Association is now imported in Rhapsody to make the flows realize the association. 

XMI toolkit: Added package in Object Model Diagram

The project packages can now be imported into Object Model Diagram.  

XMI toolkit: Added a Select All/Deselect All button for units selection

Added a button to select or deselect all the Units.

XMI toolkit: Added a profile selection criteria in the export function

Profile that is not selected is no more exported during XMI export.

XMI toolkit: Renamed the Export Rhapsody Profiles option to Export extra data to support round trip

The current option name denotes whether to export or not to export the Rhapsody profile, but the choice is whether to export or not to export extra data, which is necessary to facilitate round-trip.

XMI toolkit: Tags with the value enum now reference to the InstanceValue instead of LiteralString

Previously, the tags with the value enum referenced to LiteralString, but now they reference to InstanceValue.

XMI toolkit: Added – MDReader is overriding UML2.4

UML 2.1 plug-in is able to correctly handle message‚Äôs signature from UML2.4, where the signature became changeable, instead of using MessageEvent.
But an old fix inside MDReader overrides this behavior and forces it to have a SendOperationEvent, even in the case of a Signal.

RulesComposer: Updated open source lib version due to vulnerabilities

Some libraries are replaced or removed due to identified vulnerabilities. The consequence is that some components now have better abilities, but other features are unavailable such as the Eclipse Software Manager.

RulesComposer: Packaged Eclipse setup with Git version 

As the Eclipse Software Manager is inoperable, the latest version of this component is installed.

RulesComposer: Updated features from Sodius Download centre

Installed the latest version of each integrated feature.

RulesComposer: Provided Maven Eclipse integration feature

Installed the latest version of this feature, which is essential in current developments.

ADA Code Generator:  Fixed CG and state transition

A state transition defect is fixed with And state transition. Now both sides of the And state are processed on a single event. The property Ada_CG.State.LegacyAndState allows generating legacy code. If the legacy model is opened, the legacy code is generated by default.

Profile not selected must not be exported during XMI export.

ADA Code Generator: Fixed CG animation compilation

Fixed animation of a class that inherits from an abstract reactive class with private visibility.

ADA Code Generator Added GC New Macro

The macro $CodeGeneratedFileName can be now used in Ada_CG::File::ImplementationHeader property on separate operations.

ADA Code Generator: Added CG

New Macro- Ada_CG::Argument::DescriptionTemplateproperty can be used with the following keywords: $Name, $Direction, $Type, $Description.

ADA Code Generator: Improved RE

Improved the reverse of separate operations.

ADA Code Generator: Fixed RT

With advanced round trip mode, now the generalization stereotype is imported.


Additional Profiles

Rhapsody Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) 1.2 profileFor more information about the latest version of the Unified Architecture Framework Profile for Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, see Rhapsody Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) 1.2 profile article.
Model-Based Risk Analysis with RAAML in IBM Engineering Systems Design RhapsodyFor more information about Risk Analysis and Assessment Modeling language (RAAML), see Model-Based Risk Analysis with RAAML in IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody acticle.

That’s all for today!

Have fun with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden ( walter@sodiuswillert.com )

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