This week starts in Munich. Or actually in Münster where I stay in a hotel to prevent having to go up at 4 o’clock. My flight to Munich leaves pretty early here, the Hotel is close to the airport and has a taxi service. Without large check-in luggage the check-in time here is about 10 minutes.

But enough about Münster, I’m on my way to Munich, not my favorite town as you might remember. Luckily I don’t have to drive..

The flight was hard enough to get since this is the time of the “Wies’n” as the Munich people call the “Oktoberfest”. Yes, correct, that is not in October… People from all over the world travel to Munich to have a look at the Oktoberfest. And I am invited by IBM on their IoT (Internet of Things) conference with a visit included.

I personally couldn’t care less, the music they play there is absolute horror, the noise is terrible and the only good thing is the Beer that they serve in large glasses that contain 1 whole liter (Mass), drink a few of them and you won’t notice the rest anymore…

Unfortunately I have a busy week and I’m on a diet so no beer for me. So I have to survive it cold-turkey.

Finding the right place was not easy, we had a description but the Oktoberfest place is huge.

There are positive sides, luckily. I meet with old friends from the pioneer Rhapsody days and that is really cool.

The conference was very good, we spoke with many people from IBM about the tools. Although IBM is breathing “IoT” to the outside world, this conference showed that they are still very much aware that there is no IoT without compelling tools!

There is a lot going on with Rhapsody and all Jazz tools, I will speak more about that later when things are released.

In the meantime: Happy Modeling with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden (wvdheiden@willert.de)

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