Animation in Florida


Even traveling modelers have vacation, sometimes. Although my life sometimes lookes like a long vacation, it still is work. I usually have only limited time to really look at something.
So I decided to spend 2 weeks in the United States, in Florida. Finally time to see more than airports and security checks.
My youngest son joined me and on may 1 we left in the morning to fly to Fort Myers via Detroit. I will tell a lot more about where we went and what we did.

The planning is to visit The Keys, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Bahamas, Miami and of course my friend Arno in Fort Myers.
That is quite a program for 10 days but we’ll see. First we spend a day at Arno’s to join the pool….


Not really a theme for me… The Willert Version of Rhapsody does not support Animation (Therefor we include our “world-famous” Target Debugger.
A question came in from a customer about the use of animation with more than one Rhapsody version (So you can animate different applications)
This is actually quite easy once you understand how Animation works.
Rhapsody generates extra code when you switch on Animation, every function has some Macro in it, different macros for different functions.
Also the framework includes the Animation and tracing Framework, that provides the functions you need to animate.
If you start the Rhapsody developer it will reserve a TCP/IP Port for the Animation communication. The number is 6423. This is the reason that when you start a second instance of the developer there is an error message that says: “Rhapsody cannot create socket” or something like that.


There are multiple solutions.
They both involve the Rhapsody,ini file, this file must be right next to your Share directory.

  • Create a second Data directory for Rhapsody and change the Animation Port Number. Create shortcuts that start Rhapsody in different directories.
    Advantage is that you gave control over he port number and you can decide which one to start.
  • Add a line AnimationPortRange=10 to your Rhapsody.ini file. Now Rhapsody will use a new port number (after 6423 or whatever you have configured in rhapsidy.ini) each time you start a new Rhapsody instance.
    You have to generate and build your code (It contains the correct port number) to use the correct port.

That’s it for today, Happy Modeling with Rhapsody!


Walter van der Heiden (

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