As every year we have organized our MESCONF (Modeling of Embedded Systems CONFerence) We changed the format a little bit, this year we have extended it to 2 days, the first day is just like last year with the difference that we have an evening session, the second day is “Tool Vendor Day” to allow Tool vendors to do a more marketing focussed presentation of their tools

Again at the fantastic Infineon location in Munich we had 80 people there listening to various presentations of experts and later some Open Space sessions.

The evening session with Nicolas Dierks the Philosopher was really interesting and shines a new light on our lives as developers.


As usual we used “Open Space” to organize a big part of the MESCONF. Proven concept, since years we receive very good critics about it.

We spoke about lots of things that occupy modelers these days. One thing that returned in many meetings was the topic of “How to handle people who are refusing to model.”
A very interesting topic. Why are people refusing to model?

  • Some people just don’t get familiarized with modeling. Modeling is not easy, you need a lot of initial knowledge to apply it in the correct way. The only thing that helps there is train, train, train, coach..
  • Modeling is different from programming. Sometimes people who are real programming guru’s refuse to switch to modeling while they lose their “guru” status. It is difficult to discuss with them since they do not refuse consciously most of the time. they will use other arguments to refuse modeling and keep on doing what they do.
  • “Known hurts are better than unknown happiness”. A common attitude of most people is to stick to what they know until the hurt is really, really big. As long as people manage somehow to deliver their products using old methods they will stick to them.
  • “We don’t have time to repair the fence, we are busy catching chickens”. Most people are under stress and continue doing what they do because the stress does not allow them to step back and take the time to evaluate the used methods.

There is no “silver bullet” solution to that. The common feeling is that the world is leaning more and more towards modeling, partly because younger developers have less objections against it (Mostly they had it in school) and because the complexity is increasing faster. We also notice an increase in Rhapsody business. And that’s good!

OK, that’s it. Happy modeling with Rhapsody

Walter van der Heiden (

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