Pearl Jam

It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it…

Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is awesome. I had a busy week, hence the limited BLOG entries, but during this week I had time to travel to 020 (That’s how I call the city that became our capital by a “capital” mistake see: 020 and 8.3.1)
Then why go there? Well there is a place called Ziggodome where lots of concerts take place, On Wednesday it was the time of Pearl Jam, one of the bands I love.
Their first album “10” was one I played over and over and I still do that.

When I saw they were performing in the Netherlands I was sitting behind my computer at the start of the sale to get tickets. Unfortunately I could only get 2 tickets… Better than nothing I thought…

Unfortunately I also noticed that I had visitors from the US in that week that I could not shift. So I was already thinking of selling my tickets but when I told my guests that they all shouted: “Can you get more tickets”? Yes I can… 😉

So I traveled from the office in Bückeburg to “Nul Twintig” together with my American friends. A nice drive, about 350 kilometers. We ate a burger at the Burger B*tch (Not kidding, that is the real name, just google it) drank a beer and attended the awesome concert. Life is good.

What does this all have to do with Rhapsody? Nothing directly… but my friends are also Rhapsody and modeling people. Not only that, there were 2 Automotive Spice experts and another AUTOSAR expert. So we used all traveling time very useful with some interesting discussions on how to do ASpice with Rhapsody, how to import and export Rhapsody UML information to and from ARXML, how to do a model transformation from SysML to AUTOSAR and back with traceability links. We only stopped discussion when Eddy Vedder was singing. That was just too good. Love Rhapsody but I also love Pearl Jam.

So. Happy modeling with Rhapsody. one is Alive in Even Flow….

Walter van der Heiden ( )

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