020 and 8.3.1

Helemaal niks in 020

People who know me will recognize the title at least partly. Because I was born in the best city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, I will never pronounce the name of our capital. That city becoming capital is a capital mistake… (pun intended)
The Dutch government houses in The Hague, a beautiful city at the coast of the Northsea, so it would be logically that The Hague (Or ‘s Gravenhage as the official name is) should be the capital. Nobody really understand why it isn’t.
The rivalry between Rotterdam (010 btw) and 020 is of course very football related. “Helemaal niks in 020” is “Totally nothing in 020”. We in Rotterdam sing that if the 020 football team has another year without a prize. The 020 “fans” still think they are the best.
But OK, it is our capital and we have to live with it. And sometimes I have to visit it (I even worked there for 7 years…) since I had guests from the United States and they all want to visit that.


So I organized that a friend of mine who happens to live here, the poor guy, would guide us around in the city. And we do that the tourist way. A walk through the center of the city and the same but then by boat. I can really recommend doning that, it’s really cool, admitted. A few visits to a terrace and a few beers. And of course to the Hard Rock Cafe. NO!!!, I did not buy a t-shirt. I will not wear that. The only HRC shirt I don’t have and never will have.

Any Rhapsody news?

Yes!! 8.3.1 is on the way, I have a beta version installed already, looks cool! AUTOSAR 4.3.1 is supported and what I like very much is the new bridges. Rhapsody can now, finally, create a small bridge in the diagram when two lines cross. Simple change but looks way better. The double click to enter stamp mode in a diagram is also really cool and saves you time when creating diagrams with a lot of similar elements. The quick navigation improved so you can switch to diagrams with a single click on an element.
The API is improved, you wil not notice that much but the use is now in line with the Microsoft guidelines. There is now support for Visual Studio 2017 and.. there is a setting to let Rhapsody save in the old file format by default.
We are going to thoroughly test the new Rhapsody and I keep you informed when we release this version to all of our customers.


That’s it! Happy modeling with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden ( wvdheiden@willert.de )

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