Florida 5: Bahama’s


Preparation is everything. That is valid for everything. For modeling but also for vacation…..
Both Robert and I have never been to the Bahama’s and it seemed like a great idea to visit it. The flight was pretty cheap so we decided to just go there on an early flight and leave again in the evening. (Yes, we are the “Been there, Bought the t-shirt type tourists…)
But we did not do any other preparation…. we just went to the airport early. That was not difficult, the time zone works in our advantage.
The flight was very nice and shorter than planned. But then the first “small” issue crossed our path.
We both assumed that the Bahama’s were part of the USA. They are not… as it turned out… It is a country. With customs and borders and so… On the airport we had to fill in a Visa application form. Luckily there was nothing to do upfront.
Now the good part was that nobody gave us a hard time, everybody was extremely friendly but at first we were worried. But we got in quite quickly.
Then we wanted to check on the web where we had to go just to find out that even my super-duper cell phone plan did not cover the Bahama’s… Being online was extremely expensive so we had to stay in the airport WiFi to figure out where to go.
The speed of the WiFi was, well, very low. So I just saw that Uber would not work and that Nassau was on the opposite part of the island from the airport.
So we decided to rent a car. Hertz (my normal rental company) was out of cars but I managed to rent a car.
It was a VW Polo, Automatic and Aircon but not in a good shape. There we were confronted with preparation again.. There was a big sticker on the windshield that said “Keep Left”. But confusingly he car had a left-hand side steering wheel…
Then I realized that the Bahama’s have been English. These guys leave their marks thorough… So the road signs were exactly as in the UK and people drove left.
Not very cool with a “normal” car but I managed.
We were also not able to tell what kind of units they were using. The first sign after the airport was “45” but it took a while to figure out that they used miles or kilometers. With the state of the cars there, kilometers would not have been unlogical. So miles and not metric like the speedometer of the car. It didn’t even had the small inner “mile” indicator.


The Bahamas are very much worth a visit, one day is enough unless you are the sunbath type. The day was very relaxing and in the evning an hour before flying back we returned the car. At the check-in the lady told us that we were just in time. It turned out that you had to check-in an hour before when flying to the US, we had 2 minutes left… This proved again that preparation is everything. For traveling but certainly also for things like modeling. Gather all information you can get and model your application based on that.


Walter’s Rules #10: “Assumption is the mother of all f***-ups.”

Happy modeling with Rhapsody

Walter van der Heiden ( wvdheiden@willert.de )



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