Machines in Nantes

I’ve been to Nantes a couple of times. I really like it there. It is a great city, quite large but with a very nice old town. This time I was not alone, the whole company joined me.

We are closely cooperating with Sodius. They are located mainly in Nantes and we wanted to give all colleagues a chance to learn to know each other.

So all the German and US colleagues flew over to have a weekend of getting to know each other better.

The French really made an effort to show the best of their city, country and themselves, it was brilliant!

We had a party on a boat on the river, we were having dinner in the “Machines”, we played “live” monopoly in the city, we visited a vineyard and we had some presentations so that we now now a lot more of each other.

We have a lot to do to integrate both companies but we are all very enthusiastic about the opportunities.

I added some pictures of Nantes and the fantastic weekend we had.

What is the impact of the cooperation for Rhapsody?

We hope a lot and not a lot… what I mean is that I hope that the effects will be positive for our customers. We are now selling our Rhapsody version in France and in the USA as well, that is good, the more customers the better the product gets.

Together with Sodius we own a large part of the Rhapsody eco-system. We now do the code generator, the framework, the XMI and AUTOSAR import and export and some more. It is good to have that in one company, that improves the interfaces for the extensions. Our very close cooperation and vicinity to and with BTC is also an advantage.

Furthermore we now have an extremely interesting product that we will be developing further together, SEcollab. This is a tool that can read data from various other tools like Rhapsody, Doors, EA, MagicDraw, Simulink, MS Office and many more sources, of course it can handle OSLC. It then presents this data in a web browser, readable for everybody (who has the access rights of-course) It can then help you link the information and support in doing reviews.

Other use-cases are the ability to do global configuration (not yet fully implemented) It can even act as a viewer for the data from all sources ( so also Rhapsody! I don’t know how many people have asked me for that in the passed years…)

I will write more about SEcollab in one of the next BLOG entries.

For now, happy modeling with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden (

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