EW 2019


And… it is time for the yearly “High School Trip” for grown-ups: The Embedded World. We used to be there every year. Even since my Tasking days I have visited the EW (First time in 1998 if I’m not mistaken)
Since I am at Willert in 2001 we had a booth (together with Easycode, Microconsult, and in the beginning, Keil ( Before they were taken over by ARM)
We gave up in 2014 but we returned in a smaller way in 2016 and 2017 together with LieberLieber (& Sparx Europe) In 2018 we skipped again but we decided to give it a try again with a new concept together with our Merge Partner Sodius and with OOSE. 
So we have a booth again. Hall 4-150.


The Embedded world is a 3-day fair all about embedded. Lots of exhibitors in Software and Hardware. Lots of people I know and sometimes haven’t met in years. After 3 days you are really really tired from standing and talking all day and part of the evening.
Also, of course, we are traveling to Nürnberg on Monday, for me that means travel to Bückeburg on Sunday evening… Then we built up the booth, most of it is done by a company that builds up the booth but we have to install some stuff ourselves.
We are always in the same hotel… it has changed ownership a couple of times but we are still there, not because of the great rooms (the are not great… the are OK.) but because it is quite near the fair and because of the great steaks they serve there. And… no… i will not tell you where it is 😉
The very nice thing is that the embedded scene is quite small so you know lots of people there. People change jobs so sometimes they work somewhere else (Like Emmanuel, he worked for us years ago, he has built the Target Debugger together with Alberic)


Then 3 days of stress. 3 presentations in the forum in Hall 2, and speaking with (potential) customers and giving demo’s. At night visit partners and then to the hotel, eat a steak and sleep.
After 3 days my feet hurt and then at 17h the gong sounds and we can pack the car and drive back to Bückeburg. Where we will arrive in the middle of the night… But it was all worth it. We’ll be back!



So that was it for today, I spoke with a lot of potential new Rhapsody customers!

Happy modeling with Rhapsody ( wvdheiden@willert.de )


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