Travel, travel, travel and… my EW 2019 Presentation

Back in the air

The travel continues but hey… I’m the traveling modeler…. Last week I had an appointment in France but close to Switzerland so I took the plane to Geneva again.
As usual the moment of booking is mostly right before the mail or call with the question if you could also show up somewhere else.
Flexible as I am, I always try to arrange that. This was not so easy… I had to be in the south of Germany (Rietheim) and I was is France (Cluses). On the map that was 225km. Via the road it turned out to be almost 500…. The Swiss have these “Mountains” that really take in a lot of space…
But I organize all of it and so I took the train to Schiphol (My second home) and then the plane to Geneva. Unfortunately (also as usual) flights were cancelled and I was rebooked to another flight via Paris. Via CdG, not really my favorite airport (I try to be polite)
CdG lived up to its reputation… although I was only a few meters away from the gate of my connections flight I had to take a detour to go through the pass control… ( What happened to Schengen?) But I made it in time to the connecting flight (I could even drink coffee in the lounge.)


Yes. The lounge… since recently KLM has handed me my platinum card. I crossed 300XP within one year. (Yes KLM no longer has miles… you earn XP when you fly, like in Pokémon Go)
This makes the traveling life much more easy and comfortable. And a comfortable place to write BLOg entries…


Yep… Snow. And a lot. After flying the second leg of the trip to Genève, I picked up my rental car and drove out of the parking lot and asked myself: What is this white stuff falling from the sky??
It was snowing. I did not expect that. Luckily Hertz was so friendly to rent me a BMW 120d xDrive. (4-wheel Drive ) with decent wintertyres. That helped. But is was quite a drive. So finally I arrived at the hotel that luckily had parking places. And (what I first noticed in the morning, a Skipass machine… I was in a ski area….


the next day, after a good day at the customer I drove to Rietheim in south-Germany. That was a seriously long drive. Through a lot of snow.. And again arriving in the hotel at 10pm… After the customer visit the next day I had to drive almost the same distance back. Not as far because I had a hotel room close to the airport. The next day I returned the car and flew back without trouble.

Embedded World 2019

I have written about that already: EW 2019, we had a booth there but I also had a presentation! Not entirely about Rhapsody but about SECollab, also interesting enough! Here is the link to it: video, it is in English.

That was it! Happy modeling with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden (

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