Berlin #100


It is not only work… After a lot of work and travel it was time for a short break. For some time now I promissed my sons to take them to Berlin and finally we managed to find the time.
First we drove to Bückeburg by car to stay at my appartment, the next day we would leave early to catch the train to Berlin. As I have found out a car is useless in most big cities, there is perfect public transport and parking is nearly impossible and costs a fortune.


This is BLOG # 100! Never thought 2 years ago that I would write 100 articles! This year also KLM (my favorite airline) celebrates 100 years, congrats!


First we had to overcome some police activity. As soon as we crossed the border a fast BMW overtook us and a sign came up “Police, Follow”. I thought that would be a border control but it turned out I had forgotten my MOT for 1,5 years… In the Netherlands they send you an email when it is due but in Germany they don’t….
Also my tires were “Formula 1 ready” So I had some explaining to do. Luckily the police man were quite understanding, they soon figured out that I did not do that on purpose and they let me go wit ha small fine and the promiss that I would take care of it.


Trains are cool in germany. If you book on time and stick to a certain train you can travel quite far for a small amount of money. We even had first class seats. It was a nice drive and it went very fast. Impossible to match that with a car.


The hotel was right next to the central station, perfect to use as a base to sightsee Berlin. The room had bunk 2 bunk beds but Robbert volunteered to sleep “upstairs”. Further it was not large but we were not there to enjoy the hotel room, but clean and the breakfast was good.


Time to hit the city. We did the usual stuff, Parliaments building, Brandenburger gate, Jewish monument, Checkpoint Charly etc.
On Wednesday a friend who was born in East-Berlin, showed us around in the eastern part, very very nice. We had lunch in the TV Tower (207 meters high) Also we saw the largest part of the Wall that is still there.
The next day we took the metro to see some other stiff like the Karl-Marx allee and much more. Berlin is very very nice. After every corner there is a reason to visit the city again. This month also is the celebration of 30 years since breaking the Berlin Wall.

AUTOSAR Workflow

Being without a car still cannot drag me away from AUTOSAR. We now have quite a nice AUTOSAR workflow.
You can start with SysML and then use M2M to create an AUTOSAR model, export that to an AUTOSAR authoring tool, add some more information and even use Rhapsody to implement AUTOSAR compliant SWC’s that contain statemachines.
You can also start with ARXML from a third party, read that in, use M2M to create a SysML model (Or UML) and the create your architecture there.

Back Home

Finally we had to return home, or at least to Bückeburg by train. Really tired (we walked more than 40 kilometer…) we hit our beds. On Friday I kept my promiss to the policeman and went to the TÜV for a checkup. 2 dasy later the Dutch garage would switch my tires to wintertires. All is OK again.

Happy modeling with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden

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