And now for something completely different….


Hi All! It’s been a while since I wrote. Not much travelling these days, I was in Germany in the office last week and in Stuttgart (by car) but only briefly.
Work however continues and is even more than usual.
So not much time to write BLOG entries. Soon my first vacation in 3 years (too busy building a house…) will start. I promise to write some new stuff then…


This time I want to speak about something unexpected that you can do with Rhapsody: XSD (XML Schema Definition) import/export and editing with Rhapsody.
This is an add-on Tool (of course from SodiusWillert!!) That helps you deal with the normally textual and tiresome XSD files in a nice graphical way.

I added some of the pictures and explanations from our presentation, you can download the presentation here:

  • During design, the data exchanged throughout external interfaces of a system are described by a set of technical XSD files.
  • They have to be integrated in the UML/SysML models and types linked with the model.

Rhapsody XSD – Key Features

  • Integrate XSD types in Rhapsody
    • Import XSD files in Rhapsody
  • Make XSD Types understandable in Rhapsody
    • Simple concepts but enough expressivity
    • Complete XSD Profile and Diagram Support
  • Use Rhapsody as an XSD editor
    • XSD Previewer
    • Export XSD Rhapsody to XSD Files

If this is interesting for you, please contact me!

Happy XSD-ing with Rhapsody!

Walter van der Heiden (

One thought on “And now for something completely different….

  1. Hi Walter,

    when I did my first approaches on expressing XSDs as UML back in 2001 the main issue was XSD notation have mostly expresses sequence nature while UML notation have mostly expresses set nature. Or in other words, XSDs imply ordered sequences while UML relations do not imply any order.

    This is no issue when importing an XSD to generate a data model. But it becomes a problem when expressing an XSD as an UML class diagram.

    How do you solve this mismatch?



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