MesConf in COVID times

Hi All!

Our yearly MesConf will, like any other conferences, be held online. It is what it is.
There are some advantages too, no travel, no maximum number of people and you can show up how you want, just keep your camera off… 😉
it will be held on September 17 and we have room left for interested people.

There are interesting presentations from Prof. dr, Alois Zoitl (Professor for cyber-physical systems for Engineering and production), Stephanie Borgert (Speaker, Author and Furtherthinker) and Martin Reiss (Chief Software Architect from Thales railway)

Of course I will be there as well (Speaking about using AUTOSAR together with UML and SysML) and many more of the Experts from OOSE, SodiusWillert, SiSy, IBM and many others!

Screenshot 2020-08-31 at 14.21.26.png

Here is the website (in German! Try to open with google translate if you want to read it in English)

The main message is here:

The subject is too important. Therefore, we will not skip the conference due to the corona risk, but will convert it into a one-day online conference.

MESCONF focuses on the benefits of modeling in the development of embedded systems. Another thematic pillar of MESCONF is model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

Our world is becoming more and more complex and dynamic. The constant change is one of the challenges for companies. Successful are those companies that can react flexibly and quickly to the changing requirements of the market with high-quality products.

We are convinced that modeling makes a crucial contribution to achieving this ability. We have formulated our values and convictions in a manifesto. At the conference we also want to talk and discuss the manifesto.

Tickets can be bought here at Xing.

I hope to 

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